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Online Video Quality
How To Use These Videos (viewing tips)
How To Use These Videos (evangelism tips)
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About This Series

     We are pleased to make the six-lesson-series "Searching For Truth" available for your online viewing.

     "Searching For Truth" exists because of the vision of John Moore, evangelist with the Dripping Springs Church of Christ, Dripping Springs, Texas. John, also an instructor at the Southwest School of Biblical Studies in nearby Austin, wrote the script and hosts the series.

     Rudy Cain, co-founder of World Video Bible School (WVBS) in Maxwell, Texas, produced the series. Together with the WVBS staff, Rudy coordinated the filming, editing and all production tasks needed to bring this series to fruition. A complete list of the people, places and contributions to the project appears in the credits at the end of lesson six.

What Others Are Saying

I want to commend WVBS's new personal work series, "Searching for Truth." I think it is excellent and will fill a need for an up to date approach to teaching the lost. I predict it will become for the church of today what the Jule Miller filmstrips were for the church of a generation ago. The truth of salvation never changes, but the presentation must be fitted for each generation in order to most effectively reach them. The series is true to the Gospel, presented in a kind and humble manner by John Moore, and covers all the foundation principles to convert the lost. World Video Bible School deserves our thanks for providing us with such a useful tool to teach the lost.
Rod Rutherford

I've been privileged to watch the new World Video Bible School series "Searching For Truth" develop over the course of the last year. The commitment to excellence in writing, editing, design, filming and every aspect of its creation shows in the finished product. It is not only faithful to God and His word - no small feat in today's world - it excels in its presentation of divine truth. As administrator of I am delighted to make this tool available to the church and to the world. Christians have one more medium to teach the good news of Christ to their friends, and their friends have an engaging means of learning of God's grace.
Jody L. Apple
The Media Church of Christ (suburban Philadelphia, PA) with whom I work and worship purchased 1000 Searching For Truth DVDs. We are using them in our Sunday afternoon evangelistic outreach, distributing them to contacts from our recent campaign, clothing drive, etc., and giving them to friends and family. We have experienced a high degree of receptivity and have already established new Bible studies and welcomed new visitors from our outreach efforts using this material. We also link the online videos at the congregation's website and promote their availability through bulletins, flyers and all advertisements. The Searching For Truth DVD is a tool, and like all good tools, it works only when put to use.
Jody L. Apple

Online Video Quality

     The master DVD supplied for online conversion contained 8.398 gigabytes of data. Videos that large simply cannot be transmitted efficiently online. Like all the WVBS videos makes available, "Searching For Truth" went through multiple stages of compression. The first stage reduced the total size to 1.89 gigabytes, roughly one fifth the initial size. The second stage reduced the total data size to 753 megabytes, or 8.9% of the original file size. The result allows file sizes that are more reasonable to transmit.

     But reducing videos in data size also reduces video quality. In addition, the swift scene changes and overlapping transitions that make the original videos in this series so visually stimulating and engaging makes rendering them to online video difficult. Fast moving scenes and transitions tend to blur when rendered online.

     We have done our best to reach an effective compromise. "Searching For Truth" videos are 1.5-2 times the megabyte per minute size of other WVBS videos online at The videos are larger in both frame size (720x400) and file size. But the quality, though acceptable for online viewing, is nothing compared to the original DVD. For better viewing, consider the following section.

How To Use These Videos (viewing tips)

1. Save the videos to your hard drive for repeat viewing. This saves bandwidth and allows others to do the same.

2. Tell others about the videos and direct them to

3. If your friends don't have broadband make a copy of your downloaded video segments on CD (you'll need more than one to accommodate all the data) and let them copy it to their hard drive.

4. To increase the sharpness of the video, save the video to your hard drive, open it for playback with QuickTime Player and resize the video to a slightly smaller frame size. The online native size (720x400) is large enough to allow reduction in size.

5. For optimum viewing contact WVBS to obtain the series in DVD format for yourself. The sample ad linked here contains contact information for WVBS and specific instructions for ordering the DVD.

6. For additional questions, contact administrator.

7. More detailed viewing instructions can be found here.


How To Use These Videos (evangelism tips)

How To Use The Searching For Truth DVD - This video comes with the DVDs from World Video Bible School. It is quite practical.
Additional Ideas
  • Labels - add a label to the DVD identifying your congregation (see sleeve images below for sample). We use 30-up peel & stick labels and simply run them through a laser printer.
  • Follow Up - Though there is nothing wrong with just giving the DVDs away, there is a more effective way to use them. Be actively involved by telling a friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative about the DVD and inviting them to preview the first lesson with you. The more personal involvement the better. If your friend prefers to watch the DVD without you, then let your friend know that you are willing to answer questions and help in any way you can. By whatever means (phone, personal visit, email, letter, etc.), keep in touch.
  • Advertise - Use word of mouth, classified ads, display ads, church bulletins, etc. to let your friends know that these DVDs are available for free. Advertise the online viewing location - - so that someone who prefers to do so can watch the lessons online.
  • Other suggestions - let us know.
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DVD image (large) 
Note - Labels identifying the Media Church of Christ on the back of sleeve were added.
WVBS Overview

To learn more about the great work of World Video Bible School visit their website or watch this 11 minute video.
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If you appreciate the great work that World Video Bible School is doing, please consider supporting their efforts. For more information visit this page. WVBS accepts online donations. You can make Secure Online Contributions Here.
How To Order Searching For Truth DVDs

Contact WVBS directly:
mail: World Video Bible School
        130 Lantana Lane
        Maxwell, Texas 78656-4231
phone: (512) 398-5211
fax: (512) 398-9493
Download and mail or fax order form.
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