Men of Valor

Women of Honor

Plugged In To The Local Church

Colt meets in person and digitally with the UNG students on a regular basis. This group focuses on developing men's responsibiility in the home, in the church and in the community. Be sure to reach out to Colt for more details.

Katie, Colt's wife, regularly connects with the young ladies that are part of the UNG NightHawsk4Christ student group via in-person and Zoom sessions. There's an emphasis on personal Bible study and practical Christian application of its teachings.

In addition to the Nighthawks4Christ studies, students are also a vital part of the local church. They actively participate in congregational worship, Bible classes and the church's outreach into the surrounding community.

Student Ministry


Phone: 706.864.4520 Email: DahlonegaCoC@gmail.com

Colt Mahana - Campus Minister

Nighthawks4Christ@gmail.com • 903.271.3577